Hellfire High Council down! (4/13M)

Phoenix don’t fear the [Reap]er.

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Iron Reaver & Kormrok Pounded (3/13M)

Awesome job all, both bosses blitzed last night!

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Archimonde HC Down!

His tears expired.

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Hellfire Assault Mythic Down!

Galakras, but without hoping our members don’t get stuck in cannons!

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HFC Progress Update (12/13HC)

The first lockout saw us to 12/13 Heroic, awesome job guys! Abbey/QSlacker put together a highlight of the kills so far ^^

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  • Hellfire Citadel
    • Hellfire Assault
    • Iron Reaver
    • Kormrok
    • Hellfire High Council
    • Kilrogg Deadeye
    • Gorefiend
    • Shadow-Lord Iskar
    • Socrethar the Eternal
    • Fel Lord Zakuun
    • Xhul'horac
    • Tyrant Velhari
    • Mannoroth
    • Archimonde
  • Blackrock Foundry (expand)
    • Gruul
    • Oregorger
    • Beastlord Darmac
    • Flamebender Ka'graz
    • Hans'gar and Franzok
    • Operator Thogar
    • The Blast Furnace
    • Kromog
    • The Iron Maidens
    • Blackhand
  • Highmaul (expand)
    • Kargath Bladefist
    • The Butcher
    • Tectus
    • Brackenspore
    • Twin Ogron
    • Ko'ragh
    • Imperator Mar'gok


We are not currently actively recruiting, but we always consider exceptional applicants.