The Basics

  • Discord is required. Invite links are available after acceptance for a trial.
  • Raid invites are done monthly, on the in-game calendar. Please respond to them all. If unavailable, set yourself to declined.
  • Invites start at 19:30
  • We expect proper preparation for raiding. This means bringing the highest available flasks, potions and food for encounters. We expect the highest available enchants and gems on gear. Cauldrons and Feasts are provided, but you must still ensure your own supply of consumables if needed.
  • You must meet a minimum of 80% attendance. If at any time you drop below this threshold without discussion with the officers we will need to consider replacements to ensure that our roster is kept stable.

We operate via Loot Council using the RCLootCouncil AddOn. The general rules of the system are:

  • When loot drops, you choose between BiS, MS, WF/Socket, OS and Transmog, with the option to leave a note.
  • There is an option to leave a note; please do so for things such as best relics or best secondary stats so we can weigh accordingly.
  • Loot will be distributed on a “Biggest upgrade” basis. Where not obvious, we sim for this.
  • We tend to prioritise loot to DPS > Tanks > Healers, unless the upgrade is minor for the higher priority target and major for the other class.
  • Loot wishlists are handled via wowaudit, we prefer if members can keep this up-to-date once per week

We know AddOns are personal, but there are some required AddOns.
DBM/BigWigs. Your choice which one.
Exorsus Raid Tools. The “Notes” section is required for assignments.
Loot Council addon.

While we don’t over-recruit, we do like to maintain a reasonable roster to accommodate people being away and so you may be on standby occasionally. We attempt to keep this as fair and even as possible while ensuring that our raid has any required classes for the encounters. While on standby, we expect you to be around via some form of contact, and be available if requested. Whether you stay on Discord in a different channel, go on an alt, or do whatever, an officer must have a clear way of getting in touch with you.

If you need to go, please let us know, don’t just wander off. If we require you and have no method of contact, you will be considered away.