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Mythic Sisters + Host

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Mythic Harjatan

This is in a separate post

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Mythic Demonic Inquisition and Mythic Goroth down

We didn’t expect a kind of Demonic Inquisition Goroth despawned.

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Gul’dan Mythic

This is our town, Scrubz.

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Grand Magistrix Elisande Mythic Down

Friendship carries on through the timelines.

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  • 12/12 MNy'alotha, the Waking City
    • Wrathion, the Black EmperorM
    • MautM
    • The Prophet SkitraM
    • Dark Inquisitor XaneshM
    • The HivemindM
    • Shad'har the InsatiableM
    • Drest'agathM
    • Il'gynoth, Corruption RebornM
    • VexionaM
    • Ra-den the DespoiledM
    • Carapace of N'ZothM
    • N'Zoth, the CorruptorM
  • 8/8 MAzshara's Eternal Palace
    • Abyssal Commander SivaraM
    • Blackwater BehemothM
    • Radiance of AzsharaM
    • Lady AshvaneM
    • OrgozoaM
    • The Queen's CourtM
    • Za'qulM
    • Queen AzsharaM


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