Emper 70 Gnome Mage

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Emper 70 Gnome Mage

Postby Emper » Apr 20th, '07, 23:05

In Game Name: Emper
Alts name: no alt - playing main like hell twisted evil
you on: -----
Race: Gnome
Class: Mage
Level: 70
Spec: Elemental mage 41/18/2

RL Age: 15
Country: Poland
Email Address : newan@op.pl (also on xFire)

Can You Use Ventrilo To Listen And Follow Raid Instructions (Talking isn't mandatory, but listening in a must): OMG!! I love Ventrilo and TS! Speaking english is cool you I shouldn't have any problems witch this! xD

Professions (Please Let Us Know If you Have Any Rare/Unusual Crafting capabilities): Tailoring (spellcloth 375/ 375) (alchemy 3xx/375[cant tell because I changed into transmute spec so skill is growling again]).

Where Did you Hear About Phoenix: I have found players in game witch <Guild name> inder their name xD

Previous Guild(s): Celtic Leaf Army (omg to lvl 59), Paranoia Inc, Contele Dracula, The Rise of the Phoenix (after TBC)
and reason(s) for leaving:thay aren't so much active, I like guild wich is active and require something from members (like farm fome items for guild raid). I love raids, the most think about why I left them was that, they didn't raid so much and there was a bit haos insite.

Why Did You Decide To Apply To Phoenix: I think that Phoenix is a nice and frienly guild witch is raiding a lot and require from members to be ''PRO''. Anyway I'm friendly so I like to help people.

Benefactor/Sponsor (If Any): ---------------

Access To Instances (yes/no, if no how far along the chains/rep are you):
Karazhan: yes
Serpentshrine Cavern:
Tempest Keep Eye:
Mount Hyjal:
Heroic Hellfire citadel:
Heroic Coilfang Reservoir:
Heroic Auchenoud:
Heroic Tempest Keep:

I had a big break in game so I haven't got all factions on revared (bout 1,5 mounth). I'm working hard and I think some we can do together fast and professional because.... PUG suck! Most of them wipe all time and people left in middle of the instance.

Previous Raiding Experience: I have done MC, BWL, Onyx, AQs and ZG before TBC. In TBC all instance 5 person : )

Resistances (Unbuffed): Hard to say atm because my gear is changeing so fast very happy . I have in bank items witch res so I have around 100 res for all elements ^^

How Often Do You Check The Forums: Every day when come on PC 8)

Are you Available On Our Raiding Days: Yeah, I have time for raid all time.

What Do You Like Most About World of Warcraft: I think Raiding, Guild, improveing skills and gear . :wink:

Have You Read. Understood and Agree To Our guild Rules and Principals (found here): Yep, all clear

And Finally Any Additional Info That you Consider To Be Useful To Us In Evaluating Your Application: :twisted: :twisted: Yeah, for sur, I'm playing a lot WoW, I like english very much and like to speak in this language. razz This game is funny so... Enjoy :twisted:
It's only game so..... Have fuN!!

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Postby Abbey » Apr 20th, '07, 23:19

application failed

-register a forum account under you main characters name
-Copy and paste the form below filling in your answers as appropriate
-send the completed application in a private message to either me or any council member (full list at the end) who will then repost the application in a closed part of the forum where your application will be discussed and considered by the guild.
-Any application not in the following format, will not be considered

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Postby Fellstar » Apr 20th, '07, 23:21

There are also no spot available for mage applicants, I'm afraid either.

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