Phoenix Guild Rules*Please read if you considering to apply*

Application form, guild rules and principles

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Phoenix Guild Rules*Please read if you considering to apply*

Postby TailsMad » May 14th, '10, 21:05

Phoenix Guild Rules

This section contains our rules and principles. There is a lot to read, but please take your time and read through them if you are seriously considering applying.

The first and most important rule is to treat everyone in the guild with respect. This extends to all parts of guild life, from looting that item that everyone wants all the way to forming parties, and even your conduct on VT or guild chat.

Friends: A rank for real life friends/family of current members who wish to play in our community or guild veterans who are no longer able to raid and have earned it.
Members: Raiding members of the guild that sign up to the mandatory raiding nights and work in rotation on the role queue system to fill the raids.
Council: Players with the same obligations as members with regards to raiding but with the added responsibility of the day to day running of the guild including making guild policy and dealing with class/personal issues.
Alts: As the name says, alternative characters from players. Only alts you spend a considerable amount of time playing should really be added. To further avoid clutter all alts that have been unplayed for 1 month or more will be removed, if a member wants to renew playing that alt they are welcome to get it re invited.

There are 3 mandatory raiding days. These days are Sunday, Monday and Thursday, these occur between 19:30 and 23:30 server time (invites start going in at 19:30, and any replacements happen at 19:45). All members are expected to be available on these days, however there is an opportunity to sign AWOL (meaning unable to attend) for an event on the forum. AWOLs should only be made for engagements that are really important.

The in-game calendar is used to invite players to upcoming raids. Players are expected to sign up for every raid they ahve been invited to, and should an AWOL occur, then decline from the calendar and post the reason for not attending as an AWOL on the forum.

We only raid 3 days and for those 3 days, every raid member must be 100% dedicated. For the raids to be successful, we need every little edge we can get. So all gear must be enchanted and players must bring along enough of the appropriate consumables (reagents, pots, flasks, food etc) to last the entire raid night.

We use Ventrilo for raid communication and as such all members of the guild are expected to be able to use ventrilo to follow raid orders.

Forum access is extremely important, a lot of discussions and decisions will be made on our forums, as well as important announcements. You will be required to check for and read the announcements. The forum is also used for posting upcoming AWOLs. If you know you will not be able to attend any raid, you must let us know by posting in the relevent section in the Raiding topic.

DKP will be earned by killing Bosses and for time spent on progression. A Normal boss kill earns 5 DKP and a Heroic mode boss kill earns 10 DKP.
Trialists will not receive DKP nor are they able to spend DKP during their trial. If it trial desires a piece of loot, they are allowed to /roll for it. In the event that no member needs it for their Main or Offspec, the trial will receive the item.

Spending DKP
The minimum bid will be 5 DKP per item for normal loot, 25 DKP per item for heroic loot, increments must be a minimum of 5.

Bidding on offspec items
You are allowed to gain items for your offspec. If you are interested in attaining items for your offspec you can /roll on it when it's placed up for bids. If no member is willing to bid DKP on the item for their mainspec, the member with the highest /roll with receive it for offspec.
Please note that in the event an item will be rolled for offspec, a member hat frequently uses their offspec during raids with be granted the item over a member that does not use their offspec during raids

Standby DKP
To be eligible for standby dkp, a MRT message will be shown whenever a boss is killed. You must reply to that message with your Main Characters name ONLY to be added to the DKP list. If you are on standby, and we ask for your help, and you aren't about, then all Standby DKP will be nullified and you won't get any. After all, if you aren't contactable, then you aren't on standby.

DKP Penalties
Penalties will be given to people who signed the calendar but don't show up with no AWOL. This will result in a 50 DKP deduction.
Penalties will also be given to those who do not sign the calendar, but turn up expecting to raid. This will result in a 15 DKP deduction.

Various DKP penalties are also used during raids. DKP penalties occur by consistently failing on boss mechanics or similar circumstances.

If you need to miss a raid, declining on the in game calendar, and a note in the AWOL thread with dates and as to why is mandatory. If you don't do either without good reason, then don't expect a successful trial.

AWOLS will be tracked and if you drop below a 60% attendance (sensible awols such like scheduled, health issues or other obvious reasons don't count) you will be placed on a probation rank. If this happens 2 times while on trial, you will be removed from the guild, no exceptions.

Not the most fun thing to talk about, but still needs to be said. In the event a players messes up big time during a raid (continue to fail after being addressed about it 3 times) you can be placed on a probation. Of course we do look at the situation before hand until we decide on such an action.
When you're on a probation, you won't gain any DKP nor are you allowed to bid on items during a raid. Also during your probation you will be monitored closely to see if you improve. Also as stated before, if your raid attendance drops below 60% due to unreasonable awols / no shows, you will be also be placed under probation.
If this happens 2 times, you will be removed from the guild, no exceptions.
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