04/07 Heroics down

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04/07 Heroics down

Postby TailsMad » Sep 26th, '11, 22:29

So despite the fact that Blizzard has recently nerfed Firelands, we had some solid good attempts on Riolith beforehand.. naturally after the nerf it was a walk through the park. (Get it? walk cos you have to walk him?.. yeah I suck).

Anyways we managed to take down 4 heroics, 1 during an preemptive pull by yours truly and another one not having the guild master Abbey present in the raid.... which is worth an achievement.

fucking cunts

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Re: 04/07 Heroics down

Postby lolthepriest » Sep 27th, '11, 06:45

haha abbey not in raid at progress kill :D bet he cried
true story bro.

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Re: 04/07 Heroics down

Postby Tenros » Sep 27th, '11, 19:08

Congrats on all of the kills guys! As always, you don't disappoint.

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