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Application for Friend status

Postby Entersandman » Mar 20th, '07, 13:04

In Game Name: Entersandman
Race: Dranei
Class: Shaman
Spec: Currently Enchantment (For lvling)

RL Age: 21
Country: Norway
Email Address:

Can You Use Ventrilo To Listen And Follow Raid Instructions: Yes, been using it before ^^

Professions: Mining/jewlcrafting

Where Did you Hear About Phoenix: Biohazard, Who is a RL friend

Previous Guild(s): None
and reason(s) for leaving: Played on another server

Why Did You Decide To Apply To Phoenix: Seems like a serious guild, and alot of friendly people. the raid days suits me perfectly. and ofcourse RL friend is in the guild.

Benefactor/Sponsor (If Any): Biohazard

Access To Instances (yes/no, if no how far along the chains/rep are you):
Karazhan: No
Serpentshrine Cavern: No
Tempest Keep Eye: NO
Mount Hyjal: NO
Heroic Hellfire citadel: No
Heroic Coilfang Reservoir: No
Heroic Auchenoud: No
Heroic Tempest Keep: No

Previous Raiding Experience: molten core, bwl

Resistances (Unbuffed): None

How Often Do You Check The Forums: every day to keep my self updated

Are you Available On Our Raiding Days: Yes

What Do You Like Most About World of Warcraft: acheivements, friends, social

Have You Read. Understood and Agree To Our guild Rules and Principals (found here): Yes

And Finally Any Additional Info That you Consider To Be Useful To Us In Evaluating Your Application: Im currently only lvl 32 and just started on silvermoon and been playing alot with Bio and i would realy like to be in the same guild as him.

PS: The application forum is locked, so thats why i posted in here, hope its ok ^^ :D
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Postby Biohazard » Mar 20th, '07, 13:07

Thumbs up for this guy! Really nice guy i've been studying with for 2 years now, just started on silvermoon to play with me :D

However i played with him for a while on BB balde (pvp server), where he has a 60 mage.

As far as i could tell he was skilled :P

Well he is a nice guy afterall and I think you all would enjoy playing with him :D

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Postby Abbey » Mar 20th, '07, 13:11

Taken directly from the application form, where i have made the relevant line bold

-register a forum account under you main characters name
-Copy and paste the form below filling in your answers as appropriate
-send the completed application in a private message to either me or any council member (full list at the end) who will then repost the application in a closed part of the forum where your application will be discussed and considered.
-Any application not in the following format, will not be considered

However since you are RL mates with Bio, I can fully understand :P

Gimme a poke in game later
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Postby Biohazard » Mar 20th, '07, 13:13

lol I'll take the blame for that 1, since i told him what to do :P

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